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Aspiring financial planner and part-time blogger. Since leaving my business in 2019, I have been working towards becoming a regulated financial planner. I am on a mission to simplify personal finance and help people become happy, healthy and wealthy.

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2022 has thus far been a year of bad news and previously unimaginable events! For those folks reading this in the future, I’m sure 2022 will have been a pivotal year that everybody points to for years to come – please correct me if I’m wrong!! You would be forgiven, if you keep up with … Continue reading Explained: The Benefits of Inflation!

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“A Globally Diversified Basket of Equities”… WTF does that even mean?!

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time or spoken to me about investing, I have most likely pulled out this line: A globally diversified basket of equities Me (about every 5 minutes) But for those just starting out on their investment journey, I am aware it could lead to a WTF?! moment… ‘if … Continue reading “A Globally Diversified Basket of Equities”… WTF does that even mean?!

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