What is a fund?

The purpose of this post is to try and distil complexity into a simple, digestible format. If done correctly a picture can say a thousand words, so please let me know if I managed to achieve this. If you like my content please subscribe and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for similar posts. I … Continue reading What is a fund?

Automation is king 🤖👑

Building wealth involves good habits being performed consistently over time. We as humans are flawed, emotionally-driven creatures – which is great for some things and terrible for others. Unfortunately good habits can easily be derailed by our emotional state. When we are in the right frame of mind it is easier for us to perform … Continue reading Automation is king 🤖👑

The Fear.

You must learn to become comfortable with failure, otherwise you will have to become comfortable with regret. Fear is a natural and primitive emotional response that has served humans well for most of our existence. It alerts us to potential physical and mental harm, real or otherwise. A hunter-gatherer would not have made it far … Continue reading The Fear.

Why Financial Planning.

He who has a why can bear almost any how – Nietzsche. In February 2019 I made the decision to leave Fresh Eats Bristol, the business I had started with friends two years prior. It was a difficult decision, one that had plagued me for some months. I had been the catalyst for the business, … Continue reading Why Financial Planning.

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