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Welcome to my Resource Centre.

I put this together with other budding financial planners in mind, however the majority of the resources will be helpful to anyone interested in sorting out their finances.

You will find a mixture of content here. Some theory based resources, whilst others are concerned with client relationships, personal finance, the role of the adviser and behavioural finance.

Please feel free to get in touch, I would love to hear suggestions for additional content.

The more collaboration the better.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb


  • Killik Explains: This Youtube series is essential. Tim Bennett drops knowledge on a range of subject areas, which I found particularly helpful for the R02 exam.

  • Five Minute Friday: Pete Matthew, from Meaningful Money, is the OG of personal finance content creation. This Youtube series breaks down key concepts in a digestible, five minute format.

  • Humans Under Management: HUM is a behavioural finance conference from the mind of Andy Hart, the Maven Adviser. There are great speakers who offer a range of helpful insights. I’d recommend starting with Andy’s opening speech and going on from there.

  • Fidelity Adviser Services: A handy video series on pension technicalities and the complexities of retirement planning. Much more theory based, so make sure you are in the right state of mind!

  • Ali Abdaal: Be sure to check out Ali’s Youtube channel if you are looking to up your productivity game and for tips on how to study more effectively. Ali showed me that my previous approach to studying was proven to be the least effective method!


  • The Meaningful Money Podcast: The amazing and long-running show from Pete Matthew. I’m sure a lot of you will already be familiar with it. A ‘must listen’, he has done countless shows and covered virtually everything.

  • The Financial Wellbeing Podcast: A lovely, upbeat podcast from Chris Budd & Co. Chris’ philosophy is that the focus should be on helping clients become happier, not just wealthier… after all, what is the point of building wealth if you are miserable?! I would also recommend looking into how Chris structured his Bristol-based financial planning business via an Employee Ownership Trust.

  • The Coach Pratts Podcast: In this podcast my good friend Lewis tackles behaviour, mindset and how to cultivate a winning attitude. Whilst it is important to study the theory and the wider financial industry, it is crucial that we take care of ourselves. By focusing on self improvement and wellness we can become better students, friends, partners and professionals. Also, if you are Bristol-based then be sure to check out his gym, HYRE, #morethanagym.

  • NextGen Planners: Another one geared towards those in or working towards the profession. Lots of interesting conversations with a range of guests from the planning community. NextGen are focused on the future of the profession and the best practices for next generation of planners.


  • The Psychology of Money: A fantastic read. All killer, no filler. You can read it in one sitting. Morgan Housel hits the nail on the head and explains behavioural finance in simple, story driven terms.

  • Unshakeable: This is a step-by-step guide from Tony Robbins, breaking down how to get your financial life in order and put yourself on the road to financial freedom. Tony teamed up with Peter Mallouk, a leading financial adviser in the USA, for this book – so you get two influential figures for the price of one. I would also recommend checking out Peter on The Tim Ferris Show, he drops a lot of wisdom throughout the episode.

  • Economics in One Lesson: An oldie, but worth a read. You may not agree with all his points, however Henry Hazlitt breaks down some key economic theories in a digestible manner. He got me to think more about the ripple effect of economic policies and events, where directed good intentions for one group can have negative consequences for another – this is brought to life via the broken window fallacy.

  • The Investment Answer: Another one you can read in one sitting. The authors take you step by step through the five key decisions for investing.


  • The Escape Artist: Barney Whiter (aka The Escape Artist) is a pillar of the financial independence community. Barney produces lots of great content about how we can all break out of the ‘prison camp’, make a dash for the ‘treeline of freedom’ and then head to the ‘rail station of happiness’. He is also a popular podcast guest, so keep an eye out for him!

  • Behaviour Gap: Through his simple sketches, Carl Richards deconstructs complex financial concepts, making them easy to understand. His website is filled with excellent articles and I would also recommend signing up for his weekly newsletter.

  • Jason Butler: This man is a heavyweight in the industry with an impressive résumé! Jason has churned out a plethora of free information in different formats, as well as personal finance books. He is definitely someone to follow.

  • The Evidence Based Investor: The clue is in the title with this one. Robin Powell set up The Evidence Based Investor to provide everyone with the evidence, so we make more informed decisions. All too often we base our investment decisions on financial marketing, the media noise and ‘best-buy’ lists – Robin has set about to change that.

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